Tarot For Writing Project

Better Writing Through Symbolism

The tarot can be thought to represent the totality of the symbolic world, a (nearly) complete set of narrative forms and characters. Let’s turn it into a game of archetypes and symbols, a useful tool – a kind of machine – for generating endless artistic inspiration. 

The Tarot for Writing Project seeks to uncover the tarot’s characters and plots using children’s narratives, myth, and some écriture féminine.

*At the moment, this is a living document. Not all cards have been added as of yet. But soon, my loves, soon.

What is the Tarot For Writing Project?

Wherein I explain this at length.

What is the Tarot For Writing Project?

The Major Arcana

Your spiritual quest in a nutshell.

The Major Arcana.

The Aces

Pure symbols.

The Aces.

The Court Cards

Characters and Archetypes.

The Minor Arcana


Book a Tarot Reading

Get unstuck.

Tarot Readings

I read ONLY for creative writing projects.

A tarot reading can be the perfect antidote to the dreaded writer’s block. Might just be the thing to get your creative juices flowing. 

Three card reading for your project :: Past, present, future. Beginning, middle, end. And not necessarily in that order, irl or video :: $30. 

Full spread for your project :: For someone really stuck. I work exclusively in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but I do have others that we can incorporate :: some dapper animals, cubist Greek mythology, the OG Marseille deck, the Spoila deck, and the Wild Unknown. This is an hour long conference, irl or video :: $50.

I do NOT offer personal readings. But please allow me to recommend some lovely witches who do ::

Annie Hex (@anniehex), badass spoken word poetess. Visit her Poetry Apothecary to make an appointment or gift yourself some self care and art. Annie gives good instagram and sends the best mail.

Shari Ralish (@peacefulparlour) from Peaceful Parlour, a cozy little gem of a shop in the heart of Geneva. She’s a green witch, her herbal teas have saved lives. She gives her readings in the shop. 212 S. Third Street. Call (630) 232-6300 to make an appointment.

Teresa Fiehn Millies (@queenofmarigold), the Queen of Marigold in Aurora. She makes wonderful things with fabric and thread, and knows her stuff when it comes to tarot. Visit her website to check out her work :: https://www.queenofmarigold.com.

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