I help people write books.

Let’s work together!

I have been a professional editor for more than a decade, and have spent that career honing on the specifics of my craft and technique to create my book midwifery process.

I specialize in fiction, memoir, and hybrids with a focus on emotional transformations and structural clarity. I also have a soft spot for experimentation, for the writers who do things a little differently.

I work with nearly all genres, but I always encourage a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit. I’m excellent for authors who write literary fiction, and I have a more than a flare for all fantasy and romance genres. Sometimes I work with poetry, but I rarely work with horror. I do love me some happy goth though.

I prefer to handwrite my edits so I require all manuscripts to be submitted double-spaced with 12 pt. font. And please send your work in as few documents as possible.


I’m an author, editor, book midwife, and the Creative Director of The Republic of Letters and Waterline Writers. There we host author events, and offer classes, discussion groups, writing workshops, and marketing opportunities.

I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School in New York and a Bachelor’s in English literature and critical theory from the University of Iowa. In 2016 my husband and I founded the nonprofit, The Republic of Letters. What began as a literary center but has become into a local literary writing community. In 2018, I also became the Creative Director of Waterline Writers, a curated reading series held at Water Street Studios.

I think about writing a lot, I think it’s something much more interesting, and much more important than a thing you produce for money.

I write experimental fantasy novels, inside-out love stories, and auto-theory for fun. 

My first novel, A Suburb of Monogamy, is an experimental romance about the invention, withdrawal, and body of a liaison. I’m also the author of Robin Williams Is My Uncle, a bricolage chapbook on alienation and epigenetics through the lens of Robin Williams’s children’s movies. This will be out from Analog Books sometimes after the quarantine bell jar has been lifted. I also founded the micropress, Omnia Vanitas Review, and have been published in Madhatter’s ReviewAmpersand ReviewGreen Lantern Press, and Reconfigurations, among others. I’m now working on my second novel, a fantasy whose raison d’être is emotional clarity and connection.

I decided to publish the Tarot For Writing Project on here for free, because ultimately, I believe art is for everyone and I want to inspire more people to make more of it.

I have a firecracker for a daughter and not nearly enough cats. I like popcorn, long walks through dense fog, and l’écriture féminine writing. I don’t like horror stories, my birthday, or summer. I’m allergic to bananas. I get a lot of migraines but I don’t necessarily hate them, I can see the art that happened inside. I’m a Ravenclaw and a Pentacles witch, and by that I just mean that I write. I believe in art, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

The Republic of Letters is a space for the literary arts.

For our latest catalogue, events, and news, please see our website at rolnfp.org.

Waterline Writers is a curated reading series held in Batavia’s Water Street Studios.

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