I help people write books.

Writing a book can be overwhelming. It’s an intricate juggling act organizing your thoughts, plots, and arcs. Then, couple that with handling the reader’s journey, suddenly this once awesome hobby turned into a migraine of a task. It doesn’t have to be so messy. Together, we can piece your disparate writing fragments into a lovely book. I promise it’ll be fun.

This process is personalized, there’s no other way.

For some of my clients, we work together from inception to publication.

But before publication, you have to make sure the writing’s perfect.

Better than perfect, you have to make sure it’s good.

Together, we can shape your text into exactly what you want.

Book midwifery carefully examines your metaphors and style through a thorough symbolic, philosophic, and thematic character and plot analysis. Whether you only have an idea or a full manuscript, this process only ever enriches a text.

When you’re satisfied with your characters and their arcs, when your plots are ironed out, when you’re certain your readers will stay engaged, interested, emotionally satisfied, then we’ll move onto line edits. And if you’re already there, rad, let’s go.

I am the founder and Creative Director of the nonprofit, The Republic of Letters. We offer writing classes, local author marketing opportunities, and reading events, including Waterline Writers.

The Tarot for Writing Project is a free online tool that teaches the tarot’s symbolic language through analogy, using mostly fairy tales, myths, and classic literature.

In their words

Cathy’s eye is fine, and acutely generous, able to enter into the writer’s personal universe without imposing her own upon it, always listening to the unique thread which makes a work a work, and not any other, and often making that line emerge when I myself had not been able to find it.

I can very genuinely say that I would not have come this far, or indeed, gone anywhere at all as a writer, without her help. Sometimes I think I should list her as co-author.” Lily Robert-Foley.

I especially appreciate the one-on-one time she spent with me at the end of the project. Michael Bauch.

I am a better writer because of Cathy.” Kailyne Waters.


Once upon a time, when you began to write you may have found the words pouring out of you. The experience was transcendent, a magic moment of divine inspiration. Maybe that passed, what goes up must, alas, come down. So now you have some pages pure gold! stacked in front of you, but something nags. Do the sentences feel pretty enough? Clever enough? Too clever? Is the plot interesting enough? Are the characters engaging enough? How does your reader feel as they fall into your story? *Gasp* You think, nearly faint, Is this worth reading?


Writing is words that stay, a book is a complex thought made concrete. How wonderful and special! To make it worth writing, you have to make it worth reading.

There is always a give and take, a back and forth between author and reader.

As a book midwife, I collapse the distance between reader and text.

Together, we’ll go through the experience of reading your story.


The Tarot For Writing Project

Practice Writing While Learning the Tarot!

The tarot can be thought to represent the totality of the symbolic world, a (nearly) complete set of narrative forms and characters. Let’s turn it into a game of archetypes and symbols, a useful tool – a kind of machine – for generating endless artistic inspiration. 


Symbolism adds depth to whatever it touches.

The tarot will train your mind to think symbolically.


The tarot can help you both learn and then add symbolism to your work. It’s also crazy fun and wildly inspiring. Symbols and metaphors are the chamomile and lavender in the tea of the unconscious. As art is at the threshold of the subconscious, consider it your dreams made form. Your dreams are made up of the symbols that are important to you. When you make art, you are channeling your subconscious. Consider art a portal into those emotions and desires. It can be a way of working things out, healing old wounds. (This is how art can be therapeutic.)


Poetry grew where words failed, it expresses what cannot be said. Something realer than real. Expressing the inexpressible is the je ne sais quoi of what makes art the best.

Each card is covered in specific symbols. Each symbol is multisided. Let’s look at all their myriad facets with with writing in mind.

The Tarot for Writing project is a free online tool to inspire you to turn your readings into art

If you are interested in a tarot reading for your book or art project, I offer that too.

I do not offer personal tarot readings.

To learn more about what I do offer, visit the Tarot For Writing Project.

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