Write the book you want to read.

You want an editor…

That understands what you want to say, that sees your vision – your heart’s fire – and works to help you match what’s in your head with what’s on the page. After all, your book is your precious. But you also want an editor that’s honest and sharp. Because after all, you’re writing this book to be read. And not just to be read, but to be read and loved.

Let’s figure out together exactly what you want to say.

Because not until you love your book will others love it too.

Together, we’ll make it structurally sound and emotionally engaging. And we will always maintain your voice and force of what you created.

Let’s find your art, find what makes your story yours.

Let’s start writing.

Where are you with your project?

Just starting?

Book midwifery carefully examines your metaphors and style through a thorough symbolic, philosophic, and thematic character and plot analysis. Whether you only have an idea or a full manuscript, this process only ever enriches a text.

Almost done!

When you’re satisfied with your characters and their arcs, when your plots are ironed out, when you’re certain your readers will stay engaged, interested, emotionally satisfied, then we’ll move onto line edits. And if you’re already there, rad, let’s go.

On some specifics I offer ::

Structural Clarity

We’ll organize your vision and lay a clear path for achieving your goals.

From world building to plot weaving, to arcs and pacing, we will figure it all out and clean things up.

Emotional Clarity

We’ll consider the reader, and make sure to give them an experience.

From emotional mapping to tone and mood inside setting, we will logically break down how to engage your readers.

Find Your Metaphors

Inside what you’ve already written are your preferred metaphors. I’ll show you how to find them and write stories around these potent symbols.

Find Your Voice

We’ll find the art and power inside your project. Your spark, your fire. I’ll tell you what you’re doing well and show you how to do more of it.

Children’s Books

Do you have a wonderful idea for a children’s picture book but need some help structuring your pages? Together, we can build an elegant, simple, and delightful children’s book using what I know about symbolism and story structure.

Kids’ Writing Lessons

I offer personalized book writing lessons to children eager and able to write chapter book length books. We will go over structure, plot, character, themes, mood, and style. Every lesson is individualized.

Business Writing

Would having a book explaining your work help your business? Do you do something differently, or have years of experience you think is worth sharing for your industry? Or maybe you invented something great, or have something to say that you feel your clientele needs to hear? 

Having a book about your work will certainly elevate you a cut above the competition. Show off clients of your expertise, convince everyone with your brilliance. Together, we can make you look like one of the leaders in your industry.

Ghost Writing

Just don’t want to write it yourself?

This isn’t my main bag, but we can talk.

Tarot Readings

Just need a little magic to get unstuck? Let’s give your project a tarot reading. Perfect antidote to the dreaded writer’s block. Might just be the thing to get your creative juices flowing.


“I have been working with Cathy Borders as an editor for many years, and she is literally the only person I trust to give me the real deal on my work. Indeed, I refer to her opinion to sort through the sometimes contradictory feedback of other readers of my work, and her reading always trumps the crowd. Her eye is fine, and acutely generous, able to enter into the writer’s personal universe without imposing her own upon it, always listening to the unique thread which makes a work a work, and not any other, and often making that line emerge when I myself had not been able to find it. Her line edits are deft, girded by years of deep readings of a vast array of different kinds of texts, and familiarity with the textual world and literary scene. Her capacity to grasp, sort through and propose structural shifts, cuts and additions to my work is always spot on, and her honesty is devastatingly kind. I know she will not lie to me if my work falls short, a rare and necessary quality in an editor. However, when it works, when it is good, and the work does what it has set out to do (and sometimes only she can see what that is), her support and encouragement is unflagging. I can very genuinely say that I would not have come this far, or indeed, gone anywhere at all as a writer, without her help. Sometimes I think I should list her as co-author.” – Lily Robert-Foley.


I am currently working on completing my second book and needed professional assistance. Cathy has been an amazing resource for writing, critiquing and editing my content. This process has been easy and timely. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help me finish my project. Thank you very much!” – Jennifer Mercier.


“I submitted a tome of seven hundred pages to Republic of Letters for editing. This was my first submission to an editor and I’m grateful and fortunate to have worked with this organization and Cathy Borders in particular. Despite that I have limited understanding in crafting a story, I never felt like the novice that I am. Cathy supported me every step of the way, encouraging questions and answering every one of them with clarity. Her edits were abundant (exactly what I needed) and her insights are of excellent value. I especially appreciate the one-on-one time she spent with me at the end of the project. I have come away from this process a better writer and a little wiser on how to express my opinions. Considering the scope of the project, the length of time it took to complete was very reasonable. I will, without hesitation, submit my next book to Republic of Letters.” – Michael Bauch


Republic of Letters is a wonderful resource for both novice and seasoned authors. The individual attention to detail and creative cushion is reason enough to explore their editing suite. If you are a writer looking for a soft place to land but wish to be bolstered with the confidence that your work is being exceptionally critiqued, the Republic of Letters is for you. Simply, I am a better writer because of Cathy, and by extension, Ryan and their organization. As a writer/director filmmaker, I came on board to adapt my short film into a children’s book. I am half-way through the process, and I have no doubt, that the completed project will be exactly better than what I imagined.” – Kailyne Waters.


Call the Midwife

  • Before you hire an anonymous editor to coldly rearrange your life’s work into something they think the market wants…
  • For that matter, before you let the market dictate your art.
  • (Because of above all, what the market notices is good writing.)
  • So before you pay an insane amount of money for an editor to comb through every line in your tome only to tell you that it basically needs to be rewritten…

Consider the gentle and rigorous care of book midwifery.

Let’s get your book organized.

Let’s find your artist’s voice.

Let’s break out of what you think a book should look like.


Let’s finish your book.

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