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I  write books too. 

My first novel is an experimental, inside-out love story, and my second is a fantasy about witches and emotional clarity and is very much a work in progress. I just finished my first chapbook so that’ll be out soon too. 

I also write book reviews, but they’re not so much reviews as creative academic papers inspired by something amazing. 

Feel free to cite and quote anything inside them.


Robin Williams Is My Uncle

A bricolage chapbook on alienation and epigenetics through the lens of Robin Williams’s children’s movies. 

This will be out from Analog Books sometimes after the quarantine bell jar has been lifted.

A Suburb of Monogamy

A novel about the invention, withdrawal, and body of a liaison. An existential tryst with survival and desperation at its core. A passionate love affair that succumbs to a pain that is not innocent, not victimless. A heroine’s shift in perspective, imploding in metaphor, a decade. Painfully self-aware. Beautiful. Confessional. Hot. Macabre. It’s experimental, feminist erotica. One girl’s antidote to nihilism, her opera aria. Nora is a neurotic teenager in the suburbs of Chicago. Under the crushing weight of Catholicism, she takes a lover, one she only loves in absence. She lives in the obsessive, annihilating shadows of complaint and reflection. He’s a noir fetish thrown at her feet, another void for her to grind against. When he’s gone, his ghost is voluptuous, all language and heat; such an exhausting illusion to maintain. Yet she can’t quit him, and for a while, that’s enough. Until it’s not.

Papers, Reviews, and Such

Jane Eyre, rebel rebel

Beloved Jane looks at all the bull-roar :: all of it :: and was like no, nah, death first!

Deep-dive into death, madness, oppression, and boredom.

Jane Eyre paper.

Wuthering Heights is…

Wuthering Heights is… the egg, the nest, the hut, the house, the town, the country, the cathedral, the prison, the dungeon, the cellar door, the attic stairs, the coffin, the hearth, the unlit fire, the beating heart, the bloated brain, the lockbox, the womb, the Mother, the chair of the Father, the castle, the sky, the illusion, the home, the body, the universe.

Wuthering Heights paper.

Geek Love: : subverting the carnivalesque and the grotesque

I get glimpses of the horror of normalcy. Each of these innocents on the street is engulfed by a terror of their own ordinariness. They would do anything to be unique.

Let’s talk about Mikhail Bakhtin and the absurd horrors of having a body. Geek Love paper.

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