Book Midwifery

Let’s finish your book!


As a Book Midwife, together, we will find your metaphors, birth your characters, learn and amplify your voice, then care for its moods. 

Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, pleasure or business. 

Because this is such an intensive process, lights will get turned on, we will unearth gems, clarify your thoughts, and nurture the heart of your work. 

We’ll play with structure and sort out your symbols until we get it organized and right. At the end of the process you will have a story that is yours and ready for submission. It will be moving and you will love it. 

We’ll find your metaphors and style through a thorough symbolic, philosophic, and thematic character and plot analysis.


Even if you’ve already written dozens of disparate chapters, I can help organize word salads and transform them into works of art. With dexterity, we’ll move plots and assemble symbols until the project feels complete.

Adding targeted blogs or even a book or ebook explaining your business and its methods is a great way for your brand to stand out in the marketplace and as well as show off your expertise. But for a lot of business owners, this task may seem Herculean, or even, Sysyphusian, but together, organizing it will be easier than you think, and certainly worth it to stamp that Author of at the end of your title.

Delicate but relentless care and attention to detail will produce a better manuscript that will get you noticed. Whether you’re writing genius, high-literary fiction, or know a thing or two about your industry and you’d like a book to go with your company’s practices. 

Each client is different, but after a free consultation we work out what the client needs to tap into their inspiration and get the pages flowing. This can look like very poignant questions, meticulous line editing, flow charts, or art recommendations, or something else!


Birth Your Book Writing Course

Once a year I open an online course option :: Birth Your Book  :: that involves four trimesters and eight personal one hour sessions with me.

My most comprehensive class. From conception to planning to writing and tending. You will finish this course with a book you love. 

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