Editing through the lens of your project

What does your ideal relationship with your editor look like?

A good editor understands your vision, has heard what you want to say, and then works to help you write it. She always edits with your project in mind.

It’s one thing to correct for spelling and grammar, to find plot holes and develop backstories, to point out when a transition is harsh, but another to listen, to collaborate. An anonymous cookie-cutter editor can certainly polish your book to serviceable, but when it’s done, are you happy?

Paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for line edits won’t help if structure is your problem. Won’t work if your tone is all over the place. If your characters are flat, irritating, or uncanny. If your book is boring, your climaxes fizzle, or the characters’ emotional arcs are forced and unearned.

My method is personalized, fluid.

Together, we will polish your book until it shines. 

We’ll find the art and power inside your project.

Your spark, your fire. 

What makes your book yours.

Once you feel strongly about the structure of your piece…I do individual line edits to polish up a manuscript.

Line edits are priced per page.

(Developmental edits are priced per project.)

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